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Challenging social norms to teach the art

of personal joy through community


Hi, I’m Eli—a woman with a mission to challenge social norms and provide you with tools for self-empowerment to cultivate personal joy.

Equipped with a BFA in Acting from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, I have a knack for combining experiential storytelling with yoga and wellness techniques to inspire yogis and non-yogis alike. A few of the ways I do this are: 

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What people are saying…

Eli has a unique and wonderful energy and it a talented instructor! Having a yoga class in our office with her is a wonderful perk, making it easy to attend and destress/stretch/relax/reground after a long day at our desks. She’s able to adapt to a diverse fitness level group of yoga attendees in a corporate setting. She provides personal attention to those who need it, without disrupting the class. Highly recommend!
— Lina Krivyan, Schroders
My experience with Eli was tremendously helpful and insightful, especially in terms of my of productivity at work. I was struggling to manage and juggle the responsibilities I newly acquired and couldn’t quite pinpoint where I was going wrong. On top of that, I just felt drained and exhausted after a long day. She was able to articulate, so fluidly, my experience and offer tangible advice and resources to get “unstuck.” Moreover, I just loved talking to her. She listens- actually listens!!! It’s so easy to get caught up in a sea of go, go, go, but, Eli has such a calm presence and asks such thoughtful questions, you’re able to relax and really consider your dilemma. Can’t recommend her enough! Do yourself a favor, schedule a one-on-one coaching appointment yesterday!
— Beth Houlihan, Entrepreneur/Interior Designer


Eli offers one-on-one sessions in the form of Divine Your Story™ coaching and personalized mentorship programs for yoga teachers and female entrepreneurs.

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Integrating yoga, meditation, storytelling and writing, Eli’s unique Divine Your Story workshops are fun and deeply insightful. Understanding that our physiology informs our psychology, Eli uses dynamic movement, and theatrical devices to provide you with insight into your "character"--the character you play in your life, and the stories you’ve been unconsciously telling yourself about yourself. From there, through self-reflection and the use of writing prompts, you will redesign your "character" with a sense of purpose, and rewrite your life story in the direction of joy from a place of conscious authorship.


Speaking Engagements

As a seasoned solo-performance artist and yoga/meditation instructor specializing in teaching mindfulness in non-traditional settings, Eli customizes motivational speeches and storytelling performances for corporate and private events.


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Joy is in the journey. Ready to begin?

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