Mentorship Program

For yoga teachers and female entrepreneurs


Initiate: One Hour Session

Activate: 4 Sessions in 1 month

Master:  9 Sessions in 3 months 


If you’re a hard-working entrepreneur experiencing burn-out, exhaustion, and confusion, trading time for money and confused about which path to follow, this program is for you. I will help you map out and create clarity around what you love about your work, giving your freedom to travel more, as well as have more time for yourself and for your relationships.

Due to the personal nature of this mentoring program, there is no enrollment process. We both work together to determine a start time. This is not a cookie cutter program, it is an in-depth collaboration for those wanting to invest in refining their business skills in order to gain confidence, joy, and abundance in their work.


Over the course of the mentoring program, you will be guided through in-depth topics. You will be challenged to question your most unique and authentic voice, message and brand. You will be supported through introspective assignments, providing you with structure and inspiration to access blindspots that prohibit you from enjoying the success you deserve. You will leave our time together feeling empowered to continue to create, learn, and reconnect with your purpose. You will also become equipped with new tools to help you weather the natural turmoil and ebbs and flows of self-employment. In our sessions, you will tap into your inherent courage and wisdom to hone your leadership/entrepreneurial skills, authenticity, and discipline, allowing you to finally enjoy the grace from your efforts. This is an opportunity for you to develop your skills and deepen your knowledge of how to manage not only the growth of your business, but also yourself. 


All sessions are held in my Zoom Room via video conference. Our time together can be recorded so you can be fully present without having to feel like taking notes. You also have full email access to me throughout our time together.

If you live in or happen to be visiting NYC, in person sessions are also available upon request.


Come with an open mind and a readiness for new and healthier perspectives.


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