Divine Your Story 

A dynamic method of movement and self-inquiry integrating yoga and theatrical techniques that empowers individuals to be the author of their own life story.


Eli created Divine Your Story as a teaching method that integrates the art of storytelling and yoga to empower individuals to create a joyful life. Utilizing monologuing and mindfulness techniques, DYS strives to inspire its students to think more expansively about their personal narratives by providing them with the tools to intellectually deconstruct their stories that lead to suffering. Then, from a place of pure potential, capacitates them to re-write their life story in the direction of joy, equipped with a sense of powerful, conscious authorship.

Eli leads Divine Your Story workshops and retreats worldwide, as well as classes for children in New York City public schools through Artistic Dreams International

More at www.divineyourstory.com.

Recent Events

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The Divine Your Story Bali Yoga Retreat

DYS Yoga Retreats are designed to help you gain perspective and clarity through yoga and meditation so that you can become the happiest, healthiest version of you that you can be. Our goal is to empower you to rewrite your life stories in the direction of joy!

DYS Workshop

Understanding that our physiology informs our psychology, Divine Your Story workshops use dynamic movement, Katonah-inspired yoga, and physical theatrical devices to provide you with insight into your "character"--the character you play in your life, and the stories you’ve been unconsciously telling yourself about yourself. From there, through self-reflection and the use of writing prompts, we work together to redesign your "character" with a sense of purpose, and rewrite your life story in the direction of joy from a place of conscious authorship, empowering you to the be hero of your own journey. Each workshop ends with a deep meditation to guide you through the process of manifesting your best life using imagination, taping into desire, and aligning with the laws of universal nature. 

DYS Kids

DYS collaborates again this school year with Artistic Dreams International to work with public elementary schools in Harlem, NYC, teaching community-based theater inspired classes that integrate performance techniques with yoga and mindfulness for children living in temporary housing. These classes aim to help students develop healthy responses to stress related to prevalent social and economic issues in their communities.